Sort by Custom List
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Excel Tips: Sort data by Custom List

Many times it happens when we are not able to sort our data as per our requirements. We have to take some support column to sort the data. For example if you have month wise data points. Month name is in text format like Jan, Feb, Mar etc. If data is not sorted by month and we have to sort the data by month name. We would not be able
Analog Clock
Charts and Visualization Excel Tips and Tricks

Analog Clock in Excel (Pie Chart + Doughnut Chart)

After creating the Digital Clock, we have created a beautiful Analog Clock. This stunning Analog Clock we have developed using Pie Chart and Doughnut Chart. To calculate the formula automatically, we have used below given code. Option Explicit Sub Start_Clock() Dim sh As Worksheet Set sh = ActiveSheet sh.Range("N1").Value = "Start" x: VBA.DoEvents If sh.Range("N1").Value = "Stop" Then Exit Sub Application.Calculate GoTo x End Sub Sub Stop_Clock() Dim sh As Worksheet
Fill Blanks
Excel Tips and Tricks

Excel Tip : Fill the blanks cells in your data

Many times we have zig-zag data which has to be formatted in proper manner to create some report or dashboard. In this article you will learn how we can fill the blanks in our data. Below is the data in which blanks cells have to be filled: [caption id="attachment_7049" align="aligncenter" width="507"] Data Sets[/caption]  We can fill the blanks using 4 differed tricks. 1-Using Filter: We can fill the blanks using
Highlight Top and Bottom Performer
Excel Tips and Tricks

Highlight Top and Bottom Performer using conditional formatting

In this article you will learn how to use Conditional Formatting to highlight the Top/bottom performer on the base of performance score. Top performer has been highlighted in green color and Bottom performer has been highlighted in red color. A drop-down of Top Performer and Bottom performer has been given on cell C1 using Data Validation list. In the below image, top performer has been highlighted. To highlight the top
Lock the Cell after updating
Excel Tips and Tricks

Lock Excel Cell after Updating

One of our client asked us to create a template wherein data can entered only once. As soon as data is entered in the cell, it should be locked for editing. Only Admin (who has the protection password) should be able to edit this. Here we have given some solution: Below is the worksheet wherein data will be entered. [caption id="attachment_4021" align="aligncenter" width="720"] Excel sheet[/caption]   We have put the
Data Entry Form without using VBA
Excel Tips and Tricks

Quick Data Entry Form (Without VBA)

If you don’t know the VBA and want to create a data entry form then don’t worry in this article you will learn how to create/open a data entry form without using of VBA. How to add Form Icon in Quick Access Toolbar? Go to File Tab>>Options (or press Alt+T+O). Excel Options window will be opened. Select Quick Access Toolbar in left hand side. Select Command Not in the Ribbon
Custom Style of Slicers
Excel Tips and Tricks

Custom Style of a slicer in Excel

In this article you will learn how to create a custom style for a Slicer. By using the custom style in Slicer you can make your slicer based dashboard or report more visually attractive and beautiful. How to create a custom style for a slicer? Let’s say we have a slicer for locations. [caption id="attachment_3695" align="aligncenter" width="231"] Slicer[/caption] Select the slicer. Go to Options>>Slicer Styles>>Click on New Slicer Style. [caption