Advanced Excel

Learn Excel Shortcut Key to improve productivity

Learn useful Excel formulas with example:

Learn Pivot table in 15 Chapters with step by step example:

1. Insert a Pivot Table
2. Data Sorting in Pivot Table
3. Filters in Pivot Table
4. Value Field Settings in Pivot Table
5. Columns in Pivot Table
6. Groups/Ungroup in Pivot Table
7. Report Layouts In Pivot Table
8. Subtotals and Grand Totals
9. Pivot Charts
10. Slicers in Pivot Table
11. Timeline in Pivot Table
12. Refresh Pivot and Change Data Source
13. Calculated Fields/Items in Pivot Table
14. Show Details in Pivot table
15. Pivot Tables, Slicers and Timeline Styles

Learn Data Validation in 10 Chapters with step by step example:

  1. Whole Number Validation
  2. Decimal Number Validation
  3. List (Drop down) Creation
  4. Date Validation
  5. Time Validation
  6. Text Length Validation
  7. Custom (Formula) Validation
  8. Input Message
  9. Error Alert (Stop,Warning and Information)
  10. Circle Invalid Data

Learn Conditional Formatting in 11 Chapters with step by step example:

Preset Rules-

New Rules-

Manage Rules-

Learn Sort and Filter in 6 Chapters with step by step example: