Chapter-7: Report Layout in Pivot Table

Report layout option is available in the PIVOTTABLE TOOLS>>DESIGN tab>>Layout Group>>Report Layout. Below given options are available in Report Layout.

  • Show in Compact Form
  • Show in Outline Form
  • Show in Tabular Form
  • Repeat All Item Labels
  • Do Not Repeat Item Labels
Report layout options
Report layout options

Show in Compact Form

Compact Form layout is the default layout in the pivot table.Row labels take up less space in compact form, which leaves more room for numeric data. Compact form is saves space and makes the Pivot Table more readable.

Compact form layout
Compact form layout

Outline Form layout:

In Outline Form layout displays one column per field and provides space for field headers. Subtotals shows on the top.

Outline Form layout in pivot table
Outline Form layout

Show in Tabular Form

Tabular form is like Outline Form. Subtotals shows in the bottom of the group.

Tabular form layout in pivot table
Tabular form layout

Repeat All Item Labels:

By using this feature all the items labels will be repeated in each row like below image Year is repeating.

Repeat All Item Label in pivot table
Repeat All Item Label

Do Not Repeat Item Labels:

It will remove the repeated Item labels an bring back in default position.


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