Attendance Management System V1.0


Attendance Management System V1.0 (AMS) has been developed in MS Excel (Front End) and MS Access
(Database). This tool has been designed for Agent level attendance.

Requirement to Run this Tool:

  • MS Excel 2007 to 2016: This will work with Microsoft Excel 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016 .
  • Shared drive with Read/Write access (if multiple users need to work on it).

Key Features:

  • Three access roles available – Agent, Supervisor and Admin
  • Agent can mark his/her present for today.
  • Supervisor can mark his/her team’s attendance (Present, absent or leave etc.) for any date.
  • Admin can mark attendance of anyone (Present, absent or leave etc.) for any date.
  • Late comers and over time tracking feature available.
  • Admin can upload/manage employees list in Employee Master form.
  • Dashboard will be visible to Supervisor and Admin. Supervisor will be able to see only his/her team’s information and Admin will see entire employees dashboard.
  • Admin can change the Attendance code as per requirements.
  • Raw data can be exported in excel file.
  • Sort and filter option available in main screen to read the data easily.


Installation of AMS is quite simple. Just extract the zip folder and keep “Attendance Management System” folder in your shared drive. Please do not keep it in the online portal like Google drive. It will not work from online portal.


You should use free trial before buy it-

You should use our 7 days free trial of Attendance Management System.  Once you are satisfy with the product then buy it because there will not be any money back guarantee.

What you will get?

You will get a zipped folder. Just unzip it and keep unzipped folder on your shared drive  from where user can access the Tool. Inside the zip folder you will get-

  • An User Manual (A PDF file): In this file you can check how to use this tool
  • Default Ids (A Notepad file) : In this default Id and password is available for Admin.
  • Attendance Management System V1.0 (Excel File): This is the Tool which has to opened read only by the user.
  • Database Folder: In this folder an MS Access file is available. In this file all the data will be stored.

Note: Please take a back-up of the database file regularly. To take the back-up of database simply copy the database file and paste it on another location.

Watch the demo of AMS:

For any query, write us on [email protected]