Resize and Relocate Chart
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Resize and Relocate the Chart using Excel Range

In this article you will learn a trick to resize and relocate a chart using VBA. We have created a shortcut key Shift+Ctrl+R to resize and relocate active chart. You just need to select the range and your selected chart will be relocated and resized according to selected range. You can move the chart to another worksheet also. Below is the VBA Code- Sub Resize_Chart() Dim cht As Chart On
Fish Chart in Excel
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Fish Chart in Excel

Fish Chart is my lasted innovation. I have used it to display sales data points. The new thing is that fishes are getting changed randomly whenever worksheet is recalculated.  I have used 3 fishes here. Data label is in front of fish’s mouth looking as a water bubble. I have used Line Chart to create this. Below is the data set for fish chart. [caption id="attachment_8475" align="aligncenter" width="166"] Data Points[/caption]
Conditional Formatting in Lollipop chart
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Conditional Formatting in a Lollipop Chart in Excel

Using the Conditional Formatting in any chart is very useful. It helps to audience to identify which category is meeting the target and which is not meeting. Here, we have used the Conditional Formatting in a beautiful Lollipop Chart. We also have created 4 variants of this chart with some different shapes which make it more eye catching. Days wise sales are available on range “A1:B8” and target is available
3D Glass Chart
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3D Glass Chart in Excel

I am back with a very innovative and Informative chart that is 3D Glass Chart in Excel. This chart can be used to display a KPI metrics like Service Level, Quality Score, Productivity etc. Here we have created this chart for Zone Wise Service Level. Below are the data points for which we will create this chart [caption id="attachment_8337" align="aligncenter" width="232"] Data Sets[/caption] Below are the steps to create this
Flag Chart
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Info-graphics: Flag Chart in Excel

If you have a small data set and you want to create an attractive chart then Flag chart is very nice Idea. It is very eye catching and innovative Idea. To create the flag chart we will use 2D clustered column chart, Error Bars and Shapes. Below is the data set- [caption id="attachment_8295" align="aligncenter" width="179"] Data Set for Flag Chart[/caption] Below is the Snapshot of Flag Chart in Excel. [caption
Rating Meter
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Rating Meter Chart in Excel

Rating meter is very innovative and informative chart to show the Process or Portfolio level health in five buckets – Worst, Bed, Average, Good and Best. We have calculated these buckets on the base below given table. [caption id="attachment_7173" align="aligncenter" width="221"] Bucket Calculation[/caption] Below is the snapshot of Rating Meter Chart. We also have displayed a small smiley symbol in the center of rating meter. Shape and color of this
Analog Clock
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Analog Clock in Excel (Pie Chart + Doughnut Chart)

After creating the Digital Clock, we have created a beautiful Analog Clock. This stunning Analog Clock we have developed using Pie Chart and Doughnut Chart. To calculate the formula automatically, we have used below given code. Option Explicit Sub Start_Clock() Dim sh As Worksheet Set sh = ActiveSheet sh.Range("N1").Value = "Start" x: VBA.DoEvents If sh.Range("N1").Value = "Stop" Then Exit Sub Application.Calculate GoTo x End Sub Sub Stop_Clock() Dim sh As Worksheet
Stylish Butterfly Chart
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Stylish Butterfly Chart – Version 1

We are back with one more interesting chart that is Stylish Butterfly Chart (Version-1). This is useful for the comparison of two team on different KPIs. You can use this in your dashboard or presentation to make it eye catching. Below is the data points which we have used to create this chart. [caption id="attachment_7121" align="aligncenter" width="370"] Data Points[/caption]   Below is the Stylish Butterfly chart- [caption id="attachment_7122" align="aligncenter" width="622"]
Informative KPI Indicator V2
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Informative KPI Indicator Chart Version-2)

This is the 2nd version of Informative KPI Indicator Chart. In this chart I have used a RAG color pallet in 10 slices (10% each). Here I have taken Service Level metrics, you can take your own metrics. As soon as you will change the Service Level%, Indicator will be moved accordingly.  I also have taken the Target of service level. Whenever actual value will be less than the target