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Advanced Excel

Learn Excel Shortcut Key to improve productivity

Format cells Ctrl + 1
Select font Ctrl + Shift + F
Select point size Ctrl + Shift + P
Format as Number Ctrl + Shift + 1
Format as Time Ctrl + Shift + 2
Format as Date Ctrl + Shift + 3
Format as currency Ctrl + Shift + 4
Format as percentage Ctrl + Shift + 5

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Learn useful Excel formulas with example:

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Learn basic charts in Excel:

Learn Pivot table in 15 Chapters with step by step example:

Learn Conditional Formatting in 12 Chapters with step by step example:

Preset Rules-

New Rules-

Manage Rules-

Learn Sort and Filter in 6 Chapters with step by step example:



Learn Fill feature in excel in 3 chapters:

Tutorial Videos

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Learn and free download advanced dashboard in excel


Excel Charts and Info-graphics

Learn world class Excel charts and info-graphics.



VBA Course

  1. Introduction
  2. Macro Recording
  3. Variables and Data type
  5. Input Box and Message Box
  7. Select Case
  8. Workbooks
  9. Worksheets
  10. Cells and Range
  11. Formatting
  12. Cut, Copy and Paste
  13. Sort and Filter
  14. Loops in VBA
  15. VBA and Worksheet Functions
  16. User Defined Functions
  17. Error Handling