Segregate data into Worksheets

VBA User form for Segregate data into multiple worksheets

Many times, we require to segregate our data into different worksheets. Here we have created a macro which can segregate your data into worksheets. One user from will be displayed wherein you can select the field name by which you want to segregate your data. Below is the data which we will segregate into multiple worksheets- [caption id="attachment_14190" align="aligncenter" width="495"] Data[/caption] We have added an icon on home tab to
Shell Function in VBA

Shell Function in VBA with Example

Shell function in VBA is very useful. If you want to start a program or open a executable file then you can use shell function in VBA . In this article we will explain shell command for below 3 examples- Start a Program Open a Folder Open a Non-Excel file Below is the syntax of Shell function- Shell (pathname, windowstyle) Pathname: The full path of the program to execute (String).
PDF to Word Converter

PDF to Word Converter Macro in Excel VBA

In this article we will tell how you can develop your own PDF to Word converter using Excel VBA. You can convert multiple files using this macro. Keep all your PDF files in one folder. You need to provide the link of PDF and word files folder path on Excel Sheet (Rename is as Settings). Word files folder should be empty. Word files will be saved into this folder after
VBA Shortcut Keys

33 Useful VBA Shortcut Keys

Keyboard Shortcut Keys can improve your productivity. In this article we will tell you 33 useful VBA shortcut keys. If you are a VBA developer or work on VBA frequently then these shortcut keys are very useful to you. You can quickly design your User form using these shortcut keys. Below is the list of 33 useful VBA Shortcut Keys- [table id=9 /]   Click here to download this practice
User Interface Protection

Protect Excel Worksheet as UserInterFaceOnly

Just assume you a worksheet wherein you have few groups for column or rows and then you protected that worksheet. Now will you be able to expand or collapse those groups? No, you cannot expand or collapse it because it will show error as worksheet is protected. [caption id="attachment_13217" align="aligncenter" width="1166"] How to expand or collapse group while worksheet is protected[/caption]   If your worksheet is protected and you want

Fully Functional Dynamic Calendar Control in VBA

This Fully Functional Dynamic Calendar Control in VBA, we have designed to use in VBA project. You can use it for Excel Cells, Textbox, Label and Command Button etc. It is very easy to call this Calendar for your VBA Project. You can call this with two method. Just move this calendar form in your VBA project just drag it using mouse [caption id="attachment_12621" align="aligncenter" width="542"] Move Calendar to your
Evaluate Formula

UDF for Evaluate a Formula in Excel

In this article you will learn how to create a User Defined Function to evaluate a formula in Excel. You will also learn how to get text of formula using a User Defined Function and FORMULATEXT (Excel 2013 and above). Below is the code to create the User Defined Function to evaluate a formula in Excel Function Evaluate_Formula(formula_text As String) As Variant      Application.Volatile     Evaluate_Formula = Application.Evaluate(VBA.Trim(formula_text))
Merge Same Cells

VBA: Quickly merge cells with same value in Excel

In this article you will learn how to quickly merge same cells in Excel using VBA. Using this VBA code, you can merge multiple columns data together. This trick can save a lot of time. Just select the range for which you want to merge the cells with same values and run this macro. You can copy this code to the personal macro so that it will available for every
Data Consolidator

Data Consolidation: Allow User to select files on Runtime

In this article you will learn how to consolidate the data from multiple excel files using Application.GetOpenFileName in VBA.  Application.GetOpenFileName is used to allow the user to select the files on run time. Below is the code to consolidate the data from multiple Excel files. Copy this code and paste it in VBA module. Data will be consolidated on “Data” worksheet of Macro File. Option Explicit Sub Consolidate_Data() Dim wb
Resize and Relocate Chart
Charts and Visualization VBA

Resize and Relocate the Chart using Excel Range

In this article you will learn a trick to resize and relocate a chart using VBA. We have created a shortcut key Shift+Ctrl+R to resize and relocate active chart. You just need to select the range and your selected chart will be relocated and resized according to selected range. You can move the chart to another worksheet also. Below is the VBA Code- Sub Resize_Chart() Dim cht As Chart On