TEXT Formula

TEXT Formula returns a value converted to text with a specified format on the base of given parameters.

Syntax of TEXT formula:

TEXT( value, format )


  • value: The value to convert to text.
  • format : The format used to display the result.

 Below are the useful format types:

Format TypeDetails
0Forces the display of a digit in its place
#Display digit if it adds to the accuracy of the number (but don't display if a leading zero or a zero at the end of a decimal)
.Defines the position that the decimal place takes
dDay of the month or day of week
d = one or two digit representation (e.g. 1, 12)
dd = 2 digit representation (e.g. 01, 12)
ddd = abbreviated day of week (e.g. Mon, Tue)
dddd = full name of day of week (e.g. Monday, Tuesday)
mMonth (when used as part of a date)
m = one or two digit representation (e.g. 1, 12)
mm = two digit representation (e.g. 01, 12)
mmm = abbreviated month name (e.g. Jan, Dec)
mmmm = full name of month (e.g. January, December)
yy = 2-digit representation of year(e.g. 99, 08)
yyyy = 4-digit representation of year(e.g. 1999, 2008)
h = one or two digit representation (e.g. 1, 20)
h = two digit representation (e.g. 01, 20)
mMinute (when used as a part of a time)
m = one or two digit representation (e.g. 1, 55)
m = two digit representation (e.g. 01, 55)
s = one or two digit representation (e.g. 1, 45)
ss = two digit representation (e.g. 01, 45)
AM/PMIndicates that a time should be represented using a 12-hour clock, followed by "AM" or "PM"


The TEXT function returns a string/text value.

Text Formula Example
Text Formula Example