BAHTTEXT formula


Excel, with its arsenal of useful excel formulas, never fails to amaze. The BAHTTEXT formula is one such gem. This function converts a number to Thai text and adds the suffix “Baht,” which is the currency of Thailand.


BAHTTEXT’s primary use is to convert numeric values into Thai language words, specifically for financial applications. If you’re dealing with financial data concerning Thai Baht, this function can be your best friend. It helps represent numbers in a more understandable, human-readable format, especially useful in financial documents.


The syntax for the BAHTTEXT function, like creating formulas in Excel, is straightforward:



The BAHTTEXT function only requires one parameter:

number: This is the number you want to convert into Thai text.


This Excel custom formula returns the number in Thai language words followed by “Baht”.

Usage Notes

This function is used when dealing with Thai currency. Also, be aware that it doesn’t convert decimal points, so fractions of Baht aren’t included.


The BAHTTEXT function is available in all Excel versions, a testament to Excel’s global applicability.

Example #1

If you have the number 100 in cell A1 and you want to convert it to Thai text, in cell B1, type the formula =BAHTTEXT(A1).

Example #2

Consider having a larger number, say 123456, in cell A1. To convert it to Thai text, use the formula =BAHTTEXT(A1) in B1.


Tips and Tricks


The BAHTTEXT function can be combined with other Excel functions for more sophisticated data manipulation.




The BAHTTEXT function only deals with Thai language and currency. It does not handle fractions of Baht, as it ignores decimal places.


Common Errors and Solutions


The main error you may encounter with this function is #VALUE! This error appears if you use non-numeric data as an input. Ensure the input is a numerical value for a correct conversion.


Best Practices


Always double-check that you’re feeding numeric data into the BAHTTEXT function. It will keep the function error-free and help you maintain clean, usable data.


List of Related Functions

Excel has many functions that can complement the BAHTTEXT function:

  • DOLLAR: Converts a number to text using currency format.
  • FIXED: Rounds and converts a number to text.
  • TEXT: Converts a number to text in a specified number format.

Frequently Used with Formulas

The BAHTTEXT function works well with:

  • SUM: To calculate the total of a range and then convert it to Thai text.
  • AVERAGE: To find the average of a range and then convert it to Thai text.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is the BAHTTEXT formula available in all versions of Excel?

Yes, the BAHTTEXT function is available in all versions of Excel.

Q. Can the BAHTTEXT formula convert decimal points?

No, the BAHTTEXT function ignores decimal points. It doesn’t convert fractions of Baht.

Q. What does the BAHTTEXT formula return?

The BAHTTEXT function returns the Thai text equivalent of the input number, followed by the word “Baht”.

So, when dealing with financial data related to Thai currency, the BAHTTEXT function can be a great addition to your Excel functions for data analysis. It simplifies representing numerical data in a human-readable format, improving the clarity of your financial reports and documentation.

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