Annual Leave Tracker

Annual Leave Tracker with Daily/Monthly View in Excel

Annual Leave Tracker is useful to track employee leaves. This is template is ready to use with very few modifications.

In this Leave Template, we have created 4 different worksheets.

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1-Summary Sheet:

In this sheet, you can see the Summary of different types of leaves by employees. You need to enter the Start Date and  End Date.

Leave Summary
Leave Summary

2-Monthly Summary:

In this worksheet, you need to select the month from the drop-down. It will show the day-wise and employee-wise leaves. It will also show the Total of different types of Leaves.

Monthly and Daily View
Monthly and Daily View

3-Mark Leave:

In this sheet, you need to mark the leave for the employee. Column A and Column C (Highlight in Green color) are the formulas so you don’t need to enter anything there.

Mark Leave
Mark Leave

4-Setting Sheet:

In the Setting Sheet, we have taken the different Leave types, Leave codes, and Months list for drop-down.

Setting Sheet
Setting Sheet

Watch the step by step video tutorial:

Click here to download the Template.

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