Auto Bullet Points in Excel
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Auto Bullet Points in Excel

In this article, you will learn how to add Auto Bullet Points in Excel using Custom formatting.

To add the auto bullet point in excel range below are the steps-

  • Select the excel range.
  • Press Alt+O+E to open the Format Cells window.
  • Go to Number tab.
  • Got to Custom.
  • Put the below code in Type box-
“   ■    General;    ■ General;   ■    General;   ■    General”

You can take any other symbol in place of square (■) .

Format Cells window
Format Cells window

Now if you will type anything in selected range that will be converted into bullet point

Auto Bullet Points in Excel
Auto Bullet Points in Excel

Click here to download the Practice file-

Watch the step by step video tutorial:

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