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Hide your Excel Formula with this trick


Are you looking to keep your Excel formulas confidential? Our latest video, “Hide your Excel Formula with this Trick,” has got you covered. In this blog post, we’ll expand on that video, guiding you through the process of hiding your Excel formulas with ease. Let’s dive in and unravel this handy Excel feature!

Step 1: Select Your Data

Firstly, select the entire dataset you’re working with in Excel. Accomplish this swiftly by pressing Ctrl+1 shortcut key. This action opens the Format Cells dialog box, which is your gateway to the next steps.

Step 2: Adjusting Cell Protection Settings

Now, navigate to the Protection tab. Here, you’ll find the “Locked” checkbox. Crucially, uncheck this option. This step ensures that the cells you want to keep unprotected are not locked down when you protect the sheet.

Step 3: Focusing on Formulas

Next, it’s time to focus on the specific range where your formulas reside. Select only these cells. Once selected, hit Ctrl+1 again. This action brings you back to the Format Cells dialog.

Step 4: Locking and Hiding Your Formulas

In the Format Cells dialog, under the Protection tab, check both “Locked” and “Hidden.” It locks your chosen cells and hides the formulas within them, setting the stage for the final step.

check both "Locked" and "Hidden
check both “Locked” and “Hidden

Step 5: Protecting Your Worksheet

Now, press Alt+T+P+P. This keyboard shortcut leads you to the Protect Sheet dialog. Here, you’re one step away from securing your data.

Step 6: Securing with a Password

Finally, it’s time to fortify your worksheet. Enter a password of your choice in the provided field and confirm it. Remember, this password is key to accessing your hidden formulas in the future, so keep it safe and memorable.

Enter the password
Enter the password


Voila! You’ve successfully hidden your Excel formulas. This method not only keeps your data safe but also maintains the aesthetic integrity of your spreadsheet. For more detailed guidance, don’t forget to check out our video, “Hide your Excel Formula with this Trick.” Stay tuned for more tips and tricks to enhance your Excel skills!

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