Cost Optimization Using Solver
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Transport Cost Optimization Using Solver in Excel

In this article, we have used the Solver Tool to solve the Magic  Square Puzzle and Transport Cost Optimization in Logistic Use case.

Solving Magic Puzzle-

We have entered the number from 1 to 9 in the below Magic Squire. Now Horizontal, Vertical, Diagonal Sum is 15. We have used Solver to solve this.

Magic Squire Puzzle Solver
Magic Squire Puzzle Solver


Cost Optimization in Logistic-

In the below-given image, we have-

Range B3:G5 – Cost per unit from a different warehouse to different customer

Range J9:J11 – Available inventory in the respective warehouse.

Range C17:G17 – Quantity Ordered by different Customers

Range L7 – Total Cost

We have entered the number in the range C9:G11 to fulfill the customer demand with minimum cost. We have used Solver Add-in to minimize the Cost

Cost Optimization Using Solver
Cost Optimization Using Solver

Watch the step by step video tutorial:

Click here to download the practice files.

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