VLOOKUP by cell background color

In this article you will learn how we can use VLOOKUP by a cell background color. We will create a User Defined Function (UDF) in VBA and will access it on the worksheet. We can use this function when we have to get the value from a table on the base of cell background color is place of lookup value. 

  • Copy the below given code and go to Visual Basic Editor (Press Alt+F11)
  • Insert a module (Press Alt+I+M)
  • Paste this code in the module.
  • Save as the workbook as Macro enable workbook.
Function myvlookup(r1 As Range, r2 As Range, n As Integer, a As Boolean) As Variant


Dim cel As Range
Dim i As Integer
i = 0
For Each cel In r2
 If cel.Interior.Color = r1.Interior.Color Then
 myvlookup = cel.Offset(0, n - 1).Value
 i = i + 1
 If a = False Then
 Exit For
 End If
 End If


If i = 0 Then myvlookup = "#N/A"

End Function

See the below example:

Let’s say we have below given data on Range “A1:B15” and we have to get the sales from column B on Range “E2:E4” on the base of Range “D2:D4” cell background color.

Sale Data
Sale Data

Since we have pasted the above given code in the module so “myvlookup” function will be available in this workbook now.

Put the formula =myvlookup(D2,$A$1:$B$15,2,0) on Range “E2”.

myvlookup Function
myvlookup Function

Fill down the formula till E5.

Since we have used 0 (Zero) in our formula “(=myvlookup(D2,$A$1:$B$15,2,0)” so it will give value which will be found first.

As you are seeing in below image value available on column E are the first found values.

myvlookup function with 0
myvlookup function with 0

To get the value which is available in the last we need to use 1 in place of 0 in myvlookup formula “(=myvlookup(D2,$A$1:$B$15,2,1)”

myvlookup function with 1
myvlookup function with 1

Now we will get the last value for that cell background color.

myvlookup function
myvlookup function

Click here to download this excel file.


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