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VBA Shortcut Keys

33 Useful VBA Shortcut Keys

Keyboard Shortcut Keys can improve your productivity. In this article we will tell you 33 useful VBA shortcut keys. If you are a VBA developer or work on VBA frequently then these shortcut keys are very useful to you. You can quickly design your User form using these shortcut keys.

Below is the list of 33 useful VBA Shortcut Keys-

Shortcut KeyUse
Ctrl+SpaceAuto Complete
Ctrl+JIntellisense list
Ctrl+RProject Explorer
Ctrl+GImmediate window
Ctrl+TabNavigate Module and Userforms
Alt+F11Toggle between Visual Basic Editor and Excel
Alt + I+MInsert Module
Alte+I+UInsert User Form
F4Show Properties
F8Run Step by Step
F9Toggle Break Point
Ctrl+Shift+F9Clear All Break Points
Shift+F2Jump to the procedure
Alt+O+A+LAlign Left
Alt+O+A+CAlign Center
Alt+O+A+RAlign Right
Alt+O+A+TAlign Top
Alt+O+A+MAlign Middle
Alt+O+A+BAlign Bottom
Alt+O+M+WMake Same Width
Alt+O+M+HMake Same Height
Alt+O+M+BMake Same Height and Width both
Alt+O+H+EHorizontal Spacing - Equal
Alt+O+H+IHorizontal Spacing - Increase
Alt+O+H+DHorizontal Spacing - Decrease
Alt+O+H+RHorizontal Spacing - Remove
Alt+O+V+EVertical Spacing - Equal
Alt+O+V+IVertical Spacing - Increase
Alt+O+V+DVertical Spacing - Decrease
Alt+O+V+RVertical Spacing - Remove
Alt+O+C+HCenter In the form - Horizontally
Alt+O+C+VCenter In the form - Vertically


Click here to download this practice file.


Watch the Step by step use of these Shortcut Keys with Example:

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