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Dynamic Colorful Progress Bars in Excel cells


Welcome to a game-changing guide on how to revolutionize your Excel spreadsheets! Today, we’re diving into the world of dynamic, colorful progress bars in Excel cells. This method is not just visually appealing but incredibly functional, helping you track progress in a more intuitive way.

Learn Dynamic Colorful Progress Bars in Excel

In this article, you’ll learn how to implement dynamic progress bars in Excel cells with color coding. This technique is perfect for visually representing data like service levels across different months. By the end of this guide, you’ll be able to create a progress bar that changes color based on whether the service level of a month meets the target.

The Data We Used

Here’s a brief overview of the data structure we used:

  • In cell C2, we placed our Service Level Target.
  • From A5 to A16, we listed the months from January to December.
  • B5 to B16 contained the Service Level percentages for each corresponding month.
  • In C5 to C16, we added the dynamic progress bar for each month’s Service Level.
Monthly Service Level Data
Monthly Service Level Data

Step-by-Step Guide to Create Dynamic Progress Bars

Step 1: Setting Up the Foundation

Firstly, input the formula =REPT(“|”,B5*100) in cell C5 and fill it down to C16. This formula creates the base for our progress bars.

Input REPT function
Input REPT function

Step 2: Font Styling

Change the font in the range C5 to C16 to “Playbill.” This font choice gives a bar-like appearance, crucial for our progress bars.

Font as "Playbill"
Font as “Playbill”

Step 3: Initial Color Setting

Set the font color for the range C5 to C16 as red. This will be our default color, indicating that the target hasn’t been met.

Change Font color as red
Change Font color as red

Step 4: Conditional Formatting

Press Alt+O+D shortcut key while selecting the range C5 to C16. This opens the Conditional Formatting Rule Manager.

Conditional Formatting Rule Manager
Conditional Formatting Rule Manager

Step 5: Creating a New Rule

In the Rule Manager, click on ‘New Rule’ to bring up the New Formatting Rule window.

Step 6: Formula Selection

Choose “Use a Formula to determine which cells to format.” This option allows us to set conditions for formatting.

Step 7: Applying the Formula

Enter the formula =B5>=$C$2 in the formula box. This formula checks if the Service Level is meeting the target.

Use a Formula to determine which cells to format
Use a Formula to determine which cells to format

Step 8: Formatting for Success

Click on ‘Format’ to open the Format Cells window, and select a green font color. Green will indicate that the target is met or exceeded.

Format Cells window
Format Cells window

Step 9: Finalizing the Format

Click ‘OK’ to apply the conditional formatting rule. Your progress bars will now dynamically change color based on performance!

Dynamic Colorful Progress Bars in Excel cells

Conclusion: Your Excel, Supercharged!

Congratulations! You’ve successfully created dynamic, color-coded progress bars in Excel. This tool isn’t just about making your spreadsheets look better—it’s about making them work smarter. With these progress bars, tracking and presenting data becomes more efficient and impactful.

Remember, Excel is a powerful tool, and with tips like these, you can unlock its full potential. Keep experimenting, and don’t forget to share your progress bar creations with colleagues and friends!

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