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Fully Functional Dynamic Calendar Control in VBA

Ah, The complexities of automation! The versatile and multifaceted world of Excel VBA offers an array of tools and functionalities to streamline tasks and make life easier. Yet, despite its vast offerings, not all versions of Excel come equipped with the desired calendar control in VBA, one that would allow for the selection of dates in a visually appealing manner, instead of the tedious manual input of dates into cells or text boxes. But fear not! For we shall embark on a journey, one that will unravel the mysteries of crafting a customized, dynamic calendar in Excel VBA using VBA User Forms and Command Buttons.

Step 1: Baffling Beginnings

Our journey begins with the creation of a User Form, a task achieved by navigating to the VBA editor and right-clicking on the ‘Project’ option in the Project Explorer, selecting ‘Insert’, followed by ‘User Form’. Voila! A new User Form will mysteriously appear, waiting to be customized to your whims and fancies.


Step 2: Commanding Conundrum

Next, we add a series of Command Buttons to the User Form, buttons that will act as our navigational tools, leading us through the calendar and enabling us to switch between months and years. And, to further confuse the matter, we add combo boxes, providing the option for the user to choose the month and year.


Step 3: Cryptic Code

With the controls in place, it’s time to delve into the code, to bring our dynamic calendar to life. To start, we write a function to generate the calendar based on the selected month and year, populating it with the correct number of days and illuminating the current date. And, as a bonus, we add a feature to highlight already existing dates in the text box or label by comparing the dates and marking them with a small star symbol, making the calendar even more user-friendly.


Watch the step-by-step video tutorials to learn the design and coding


Step 4: Calling the Calendar

Finally, with the dynamic calendar fully functional, we can summon it in our VBA project by using the ‘SelectedDate’ function. There are two methods to call this function:

Method 1: Call Calendar.SelectedDate(Me.TextBox1)

Method 2: Me.TextBox1.Value = Calendar.SelectedDate

The first method calls the calendar control and passes the value of the text box to the ‘SelectedDate’ function, while the second method calls the calendar control and assigns the selected date to the text box.

Move the Calendar control in from One to another VBA Project:

Just move this calendar form in your VBA project just drag it using mouse

Move Calendar to your VBA Project using Mouse
Move Calendar to your VBA Project using Mouse


Bursting with Conclusions

And there you have it, a perplexing puzzle solved, a dynamic calendar crafted with the use of Excel VBA User Forms and Command Buttons. The calendar control, now at your beck and call, can be used in various VBA projects, and is easily summoned using the ‘SelectedDate’ function. And, with a few modifications, additional functionality, such as highlighting of existing dates or changes in style and appearance, can be added to further confuse and bewilder.

This Fully Functional Dynamic Calendar Control in VBA, we have designed to use in VBA project. You can use it for Excel Cells, Textbox, Label and Command Button etc. It is extremely easy to call this Calendar for your VBA Project. You can call this with two methods.

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