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Hide Data using Custom Formatting
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Make Your Excel Data Invisible! Unbelievable Trick


Have you ever wondered how to keep your Excel data out of sight without deleting it? Whether it’s for a presentation or just to keep your spreadsheet clean, sometimes you need to make data invisible. Well, guess what? We’ve got a simple trick up our sleeves that’ll do just that, and we’re eager to share it with you!


In our latest YouTube video, “Make your data invisible in Excel using this simple trick,” we delve into a neat Excel functionality that’s often overlooked – custom number formatting. This post will walk you through each step, ensuring that by the end, you’ll be an expert at making your data disappear in Excel!

Step-by-Step Guide to Making Data Invisible in Excel

Step 1: Select Your Data

First and foremost, identify the data in your Excel spreadsheet that you want to hide. It could be a few cells, a column, or even an entire row. Click and drag to select the data, or hold down the Ctrl key to select non-adjacent cells.

Select your data
Select your data

Step 2: Access Format Cells

Now, let’s dive into the formatting realm. Press Ctrl+1 shortcut key on your keyboard. This shortcut is your gateway to the ‘Format Cells’ window, where all the magic happens.

Step 3: Navigate to Custom Number Formatting

Once you’re in the ‘Format Cells’ window, head over to the ‘Number‘ tab. Here, you’ll find various formatting options. Click on ‘Custom’ to proceed to the next step of our little trick.

Step 4: Apply the Invisible Touch

In the ‘Type’ box under the ‘Custom’ category, simply type in “;;;”. This unique code is the secret ingredient to making your data invisible.

Format Cells window
Format Cells window

Step 5: Finalize Your Settings

Now, click on ‘OK’ button to apply the settings. Your selected data will be invisible even it will be available in the excel cells.

Sales Data is invisible
Sales Data is invisible


You can apply this trick in various places in your Excel report or dashboard as per the requirements. This technique is perfect for keeping your spreadsheets looking clean and professional, without losing any valuable information. For more Excel tips and tricks, don’t forget to check out our YouTube channel.

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