Data Entry Form without using VBA
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Quick Data Entry Form (Without VBA)

If you don’t know the VBA and want to create a data entry form then don’t worry in this article you will learn how to create/open a data entry form without using of VBA.

How to add Form Icon in Quick Access Toolbar?

  • Go to File Tab>>Options (or press Alt+T+O).
  • Excel Options window will be opened.
  • Select Quick Access Toolbar in left hand side.
  • Select Command Not in the Ribbon in Choose command from down-down.
  • Select the Form… in the list.
  • Click on Add button.
  • Form will be added in right hand side list.


Excel Options
Excel Options


  • It will be available in the Quick access Toolbar.


Quick access Toolbar
Quick access Toolbar

How to open data entry form?

  • To use the data entry form create a table in which you want enter the data by using this data entry form.
  • Select the table and click on Form icon which you have added in Quick Access toolbar.
Data Entry Form
Data Entry Form

How to create a new record?

  • To create a new record click on New button.
  • Fill the information in the fields and press Enter.
  • Data will be updated in the table.


Add New Record
Add New Record


How to search a record?

  • You can search any record by clicking on Find Prev and Find Next buttons.
  • You can also search any record by using Criteria button.
Criteria button
Criteria button
  • Input data in any field as criteria.
  • You can use multiple criteria also.
  • Press Enter button to search the record.
Search a record
Search a record


How to update/delete a record?

  • After finding the record any can modify any information can press Enter to Update it in the table.
  • To delete the record click on Delete button.
Update/Delete a record
Update/Delete a record


Click here to download the practice file.



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