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Quick Weekly Attendance in Excel
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Quick Weekly Attendance Template in Excel

In this video, we have explained how to create a Quick Weekly Attendance Template in Excel using New Check box feature in office 365 and Conditional formatting.

Follow the below given step to achieve this-

Put the headers:

Add the headers first from Range A3 to I3 as given below

  • Emp Name on A3
  • First letter of the day as S, M, T, W, T, F and S on range B3 to H3
  • Put “Attendance” on range I3

Enter Emp Names:

Put the Employee name on from range A4. We have put here Emp Name from range A4 to A19.

Attendance Template Format
Attendance Template Format

Insert check boxes:

  • Select the range B4:H19
  • Go to insert and insert the check box
  • Take the font size as 8
  • Reduce the column width as 2.5 or 3
  • Take the font color as light green
Insert check boxes
Insert check boxes

Put the Attendance Formula:

  • Put the formula on range I4 as “=COUNTIF(B4:H4,TRU/COUNTA(B4:H4)”
  • Fill this down from I4 till I19
  • change into percentage format using shortcut key Shift+Ctrl+5
Put the Attendance Formula
Put the Attendance Formula

Add Conditional Formatting Data Bar:

  • Select the range I4:I19
  • Press Alt +O+D to open the Conditional Formatting Rule Manager.
  • Click on New Rule
  • Select Format Style as “Data Bar”
  • Select Minimum and Maximum Type as Number.
  • Take Minimum Value as 0 and Maximum value as 1
  • Select Gradient Fill in Fill.
  • Choose Color as orange.
  • Choose Solid Border in Border and Border color as Orange.
Conditional Formatting Window
Conditional Formatting Window
  • Click on OK and Apply the Rule.

Our Quick Weekly Attendance Template in Excel is ready to use.

Weekly Attendance Template in Excel
Weekly Attendance Template in Excel


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Watch the step-by-step video tutorial:

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