10 Super Tips in Excel
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10 Super Tips in Microsoft Excel

In the article, you will learn 10 super tips in Microsoft Excel. You can improve you productivity in Excel using these tips-

Learn 10 Pivot table useful tips-

Below is the list of these 10 tips

  • Tip #1: Auto sum Horizontal and Vertical
  • Tip #2: Justify text (Alt+E+I+J)
  • Tip #3: Start new row within the cell (Alt+Enter)
  • Tip #4: Z-order from Selection Pane
  • Tip #5: Protect Other than selection
  • Tip #6: Prevent Duplicate Entry using Data Validation
  • Tip #7: Switch between Excel Files (Ctrl+TAB)
  • Tip #8: Copy or move text (Alt+Ctrl+ Mouse)
  • Tip #9: Speed up data entry complicated terms with Auto Correct
  • Tip #10: Open Data Entry form using (Alt+D+O)

Watch the below given video to learn above 10 tips step by step with example-


Click here to download the practice file.

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