Bow and Arrow Game has been designed in Excel with help of VBA. Few images have been taken form

In this game you have to shoot the apple which is dropping from the tree with the help of 10 arrows. There is a speed drop down available with the Low, Medium and High option. You can the apple dropping and arrow speed by changing this drop down.

Bow and Arrow Game in Excel
Bow and Arrow Game in Excel

In this Game there are 5 button are available-

  1. PlayThis button is used to start the game.
  2. ShootThis button is used to shoot an apple.
  3. PauseThis button is used to pause the game.
  4. ResetThis button is used to reset the game. Once you spent all 10 arrows, you need to reset the game.
  5. ExitThis button is used to exit from the game. This is available behind the tree.

Click here to download the Bow and Arrow Game

Watch step by step tutorial for how to create Bow and Arrow Game in Excel

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