Evaluate Formula

UDF for Evaluate a Formula in Excel

In this article you will learn how to create a User Defined Function to evaluate a formula in Excel. You will also learn how to get text of formula using a User Defined Function and FORMULATEXT (Excel 2013 and above).

Evaluate Formula

Below is the code to create the User Defined Function to evaluate a formula in Excel

Function Evaluate_Formula(formula_text As String) As Variant

    Evaluate_Formula = Application.Evaluate(VBA.Trim(formula_text))

End Function


Text of Formula:

If you are using Excel 2013 and above version, then you can use “=FORMULATEXT” in Excel. For Excel 2010 and below version I have created a User Defined Function.

Below is the code-

Function Text_Of_Formula(rng As Range) As String

      Text_Of_Formula = rng.Formula

End Function


You can copy this code in Personal Macro so that it will be available for each workbook.

Click here to download the practice workbook.


Watch the step by step video:

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