Conditional Formatting in Lollipop chart
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Conditional Formatting in a Lollipop Chart in Excel

Using the Conditional Formatting in any chart is very useful. It helps to audience to identify which category is meeting the target and which is not meeting. Here, we have used the Conditional Formatting in a beautiful Lollipop Chart. We also have created 4 variants of this chart with some different shapes which make it more eye catching.

Days wise sales are available on range “A1:B8” and target is available on range “H1”. Wherever sale value is less than the target value then it will be red otherwise it will be in green. It is a dynamic chart whenever target value will be changed color will changed accordingly.

Data Points and Target Value
Data Points and Target Value


Variant – 1 of Lollipop chart

Variant - 1
Variant – 1


Variant – 2 of Lollipop chart

Variant - 2
Variant – 2


Variant – 3 of Lollipop chart

Variant - 3
Variant – 3

Variant – 4 of Lollipop chart

Variant - 4
Variant – 4



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