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Beautiful Power BI Dashboard with Northwind Database

In this article, we have created a beautiful dashboard with Northwind database using OData feed in Power BI. To create the background images for Power BI dashboard, we have used Microsoft Power Point. We have created page navigation bar in the left side.

Note: This dashboard has been created with March 2020 update of Power BI.

Watch the step by step video tutorial:

In this dashboard we have created 3 difference pages.

See the live Dashboard:

Overview Page:

In the overview page we have displayed Gross Revenue, Discount ($), Net Revenue, Orders, Quantity and Average days to ship.

Overview Page
Overview Page

Product and Category Page:

In this page we have displayed, Product and Category level performance and Unit in Stock and Unit on Order by Product and Category.

Product and Category Page
Product and Category Page

Employees Page:

In the Employees page, we have displayed metrics by Employee title and Employee name.

Product and Category Page
Product and Category Page

Click here to download the practice file.

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