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IMAGE function in Excel to insert the image in Excel Cells

Image Function in Excel

Image function is used to insert the image from a website into Excel cells. It can be the part of an Excel Table so you can use the sort and filter. You can use the sizing for the image also.


=IMAGE(source, [alt_text], [sizing], [height], [width])


Source:  In the source you need to provide the web URL path.

alt_text:  It describes the image for accessibility. It is Optional.

Sizing:  You can specify the image dimensions here. It is Optional.

In the Sizing you can put below values:

0: To Fit the image in the cell and maintain its aspect ratio within the cell.

1: To Fill the cell with the image and ignore its aspect ratio.

2: To show the image in original size. It will show partial image if image is bigger than cells.

3: To change the image size by using the height and width arguments.

Height:  The custom height of the image in pixels. It is Optional.

Width: The custom width of the image in pixels. It is Optional.


Image Function in Excel
Image Function in Excel

Watch the step-by-step video tutorial:

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